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You Don't Have to Yell

Apr 7, 2022

Recording (at least some of it!) from San Juan, Puerto Rico this week, You Don't Have to Yell is the home for the politically homeless, and a haven for anyone that sees politics in colors other than red and blue.  

Following up on last week's PetroDollar primer, we're jumping right into the thick of it. China recently offered to buy oil in Yuan/Renminbi (it's a context thing). As of press time, Saudi Arabia is considering the option.

What comes next could rock the global economic landscape, and potentially dethrone the US Dollar as THE dominant global currency. 

This week we talk to Zoe Liu, from the Council on Foreign Relations. She's an expert in Economic Statecraft and Chinese Foreign Policy and has some amazing insights on China's motivations for testing these waters, how Russia remains a factor, and what it might mean for the global financial landscape  

Read more from Zoe Liu and her colleague Mihaela Papa here: