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You Don't Have to Yell

May 5, 2022

A recently leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision indicates the court might plan to overturn Roe v Wade has added heat to an already contentious issue. While the abortion debate seems to be a war between two intractable sides, a large group of Americans stand in the middle who are both uncomfortable with the practice of abortion and supportive of Roe v Wade.

Arjun Moorthy from The Factual discusses some recent polls that show Americans' opinions on the subject are far more nuanced than the narrative would have us believe.


- Polls referenced in this interview can be found here and here.

- NYT Article:  On Abortion Law, the U.S. Is Unusual. Without Roe, It Would Be, Too.

- The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate: Why We Need to Face the Best Arguments from the Other Side, Katelynn Flanagan, The Atlantic